Wednesday, 12 October 2016

HE Is Calling Me... Alhamdulillah....

          Its been sooo long since the last time i write about myself. well, as promised, i came back with a story to share. Yeah, I was soooo thankful I've been calling to be at most peaceful place on earth, Madinah Al-Munawwarah and also Mekah Al-Mukarramah again.. I am sooo happy to get the chance to be there for the second time! omg... seriously i was soooo excited!!!

          Well i wasnt actually planned to go there. but well, i've been calling.. and i am sooooo thankful for that. the cost was only RM 5100.00 with Andalusia Travel and Tour. Went there with my parents and sisters. sorry hubby and kids.. perhaps next time we will travel together-gether k!

kids.. behave okay!! mommy wont be around just for 10 days!! lots and lots and lots of love...

 the happy face! huhu..

 kids and cousins

my youngest sis a.k.a my wefie partner!!

the rest of the team mates! =)

          It took about 8 hours journey to arrive at Jeddah Airport.. And yes, it was a boring journey coz there's no entertainment in there except to talk to each other in Air Asia! LOL. perhaps Air Asia can consider to at least provide a radio for a long flight.. perhaps~

          So we arrived at Jeddah Airport at about 6 a.m local time. We need to wait for few minutes for the immigration check out. it was quite a long queue as usual.. 

 the scenery of Jeddah

 looking for camels out there.. huhuhu

          From Jeddah airport, we went straight to Madinah Al-Munawwarah. it was a long tiring journey but it was fun to see how this place has been changed sooo much! and yes, i really miss this very peaceful place.... love the journey sooo much!!

Anyway i'll tell you the story about Madinah in my next post okay.. 'til then, stay tuned!!!


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