Thursday, 3 August 2017

HE Is Calling Me... Alhamdulillah.... (Part 2)

Assalamu'alaikum wbt...

          Hello everyone!!!

 promised before, its time to share what we can experience here in Madinah, a holy place where our prophet, Muhammad p.b.u.h was born. To be honest, Madinah is the best place i've ever been. Why?? Mmmmm... maybe because every time i came here, its welcoming me with its windy weather and seriously the feeling just sooooo calm... no kidding! and yes.... i am sooooooooo excited!!!!!!! =))

 just arrived!! Hi.. that's my mom and dad.. =)

Its Subuh and we can see the mosque already full with people. MashaAllah..

My fav telekung. love it sooo much. but i lost it last year.. ='(

Alhamdulillah... done our first Subuh prayer in Madinah.. =)

          After we had done our Subuh prayer and breakfast, we were getting ready to visit some of the historical places in Madinah. But sadly, at this time we were unable to visit the camel's farm since there were some kind of epidemic caused by camel and we were advised not be near any camel's farm. So first we went to Masjid Qiblatayn.

us in front of the mosque with two different Qiblah.

i am enjoying my ice cream. pardon me.. huhu...

          It is known that this mosque in Madinah is historically important for Muslims as the place where, after Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h received the command to change the direction of prayer (qiblah) from Jerusalem to Mecca. This mosque is among the earliest mosque that was built after Masjid Quba' and Masjid Al-Nabawi.

          Then we went to the Kurma Market to buy Ajwa' and few other fruits, chocolate and nuts with cheaper price from other places. And the good thing here is u can taste the fruits for free before making your decision of which fruits you want to buy. and yes, its super crowded!!

Tamar / Kurma Farm

too many people inside so we decided to take our pictures outside of the market. huhu..

          After about 40 minutes of spending time and money there at the market, we then continue our journey to Jabal Thur. A place where Muhammad p.b.u.h was hiding with Abu Bakar As-siddiq from Musyrikin (a start of Hijrah) when they were on their way to Madinah. 

Jabal Thur at the back

          We then continue our journey to Jabal Uhud. It is the only mountain that is guaranteed by Allah to be in the heaven. MashaAllah.. and the sad story of Uhud war remain there forever..

all the syuhada' were burried there

 daddy's girl

 lefamilia =)

wanita melayu terakhir... ecewahhhh.... =P

all of us~

         Wait!!!!! there are still lots of place that i would like to share with you guys when i was in Madinah. I shall continue in part 3 ya... So STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!